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CashShield’s fully managed service helps you fight fraud with a hassle-free experience

Say goodbye to unnecessary buying restrictions, manual reviews and self-configured risk matrices!

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More Than Just Fraud Prevention



CashShield offers unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection, including digital merchants.

We guarantee orders that others will reject!


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A Proud Sponsor of the MRC


CashShield provides a dynamic, sustainable, innovative environment that

protects e-businesses from risk

Merchant Risk Council (MRC)

The Only Fraud Protection Solution Designed for Optimization of Your Online Sales.


Chargeback Protection

Our commitment? To refund you for any chargeback undetected by CashShield, without compromising your online sales. CashShield is programmed to help you mitigate fraud risks and boost sales at the same time.


Increased Cross-border Sales

Stop avoiding potential markets for fear of fraud loss! By securely removing unnecessary limits & restrictions, CashShield helps your business reach out to international markets.


Average Business Growth in First 6 Months

Why pay for protection solutions that prevent business growth? Blocking fraud does not equal blocking genuine clients. Join CashShield to securely unleash your business’ potential.


Order Acceptance Rate

CashShield boosts and maintains your acceptance rate at the highest possible level. Because we know
that keeping fraud low is as important as growing your sales.

Expansive Big Data

Big data allows CashShield to crunch extensive data daily, and analyse unlimited custom fields to give increased protection for your business.

Intelligent Machine Learning

CashShield is built with intelligent machine learning, designed for greater accuracy, efficiency and ease when dealing with fraud.

Optimized Fraud Risk Management

Our self-developed Algorithm adapts to your business, allowing for each decision to be risk optimized.

100% Chargeback Protection

CashShield is the first fraud management solution to provide 100% Chargeback Protection. With this 100% Chargeback Protection, you will be entirely refunded for any unauthorised transaction not detected by CashShield. All merchants, including digital merchants will be fully insured by our 100% Chargeback Protection. In essence, our unique feature safeguards you from chargeback risks from fraud. Let us bear the responsibilities for your fraud protection.


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Eliminate Chargebacks, Maximize Revenue Growth

You care about your business, so do we! Unlike other fraud protection providers that simply detect threats and set up buying limits that upset genuine customers, CashShield keeps your business protected while enabling your business to grow tremendously by boosting sales –including cross-border transactions!

An Award-winning Global Fraud Management Solution for e-Businesses.

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Combat fraud and boost revenue easily with CashShield in just a few clicks.


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